Coalition aid cuts will hurt real lives

The Fred Hollows Foundation CEO Brian Doolan has responded to foreign aid cuts outlined by the Coalition by highlighting the human cost.

“Who is going to miss out on malaria treatment? Who will miss out on having their sight restored? These are cuts that will have a devastating impact on real lives,” Mr Doolan said.

Shadow Treasurer Mr Hockey said today that under a Coalition government, aid funding would be reduced by $4.5 billion over the forward estimates.

Mr Doolan said this cut was out of step with the attitude of the Australian community, which sees foreign aid as a way to save lives and improve regional economic security.

“Australians like to help those in need. But the cuts announced by Mr Hockey will hurt, not help, those who need our assistance the most,” Mr Doolan said.

“The devil is in the detail and we want to know who is going to shoulder the burden of these cuts. Will it be young mothers trying to raise healthy babies in the Pacific? Or school children trying to get a good education in Laos? Make no mistake, these cuts will have a devastating impact on real lives,” Mr Doolan said.
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