The five people on the fiver

We’re all familiar with the face that greets us on the current design of the Aussie fiver (for the cashless, Paypass types: it’s the Queen’s, with Parliament House on the other side). But did you know that the face of the fiver has changed over the years, and there are four influential Australians who have also shared the honour of gracing the mauve banknote?

The five people on the fiver

While much time has passed since these great Australians made their mark on the nation, their legacy remains. With the RBA making changes to our banknotes this year, it seems like the ideal time for another great Australian to grace our five dollar note. This is a man whose work and passion changed the lives of so many in Australia and beyond - and why we’re campaigning to honour his legacy by getting ‘Fred on the Fiver’.

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