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 Annual Report  Annual Report

Annual Report

In 2019, The Fred Hollows Foundation and our partners continued to push boundaries in the sector, restoring sight and delivering treatments to millions of people in the countries we work in.

Our 2019 highlights include:
  • 646,835 eye operations and treatments performed
  • 20+ million people treated with antibiotics for trachoma
  • 68,293 people trained, including surgeons, nurses, community health workers and teachers 24 medical facilities built or renovated
  • 4,677 medical facilities, training centres and schools equipped
  • 2.3M+ school children and community members educated in eye health and sanitation



2019 Annual Report: A Snapshot

The following summary will give you an overview of our work, and you can download the full report to further dive into the details.
Measuring Our Impact 

We are proud to say that in 2019, we contributed to around 2 million years of sight saved through cataract surgeries, distributing glasses, and preventing further vision loss through trachoma surgeries and diabetic retinopathy treatments. This means we have averted around 100,000 cases of blindness and vision impairment.
Treat, Train and Equip

We believe investing in local people and equipping facilities is key to creating sustainable change and expanding the reach of eye care services. That’s why we are training local doctors, nurses, and clinical and community health staff. 

With the support of our partners, we are ensuring the poorest and most marginalised people can access free or low-cost care.

Build and Equip Facilities

Working with our partners, we’re equipping facilities and providing innovative solutions to eye health challenges, tackling avoidable blindness by training thousands of local eye health workers. 


Download the Full Report


Strengthen Health Systems ​

Fred’s philosophy was that eye care should be integrated throughout the health system. We believe this is the best way to deliver high -quality, efficient, sustainable and accessible eye care. 

Developing local leaders to manage health systems and embed quality improvement encourages innovation and rewards good performance. By working with governments, we are also helping to ensure adequate financing for essential eye health services and strengthening regulation standards.

Engage and Empower Communities

People are at the centre of all that we do. By responding to the needs of local people, we are empowering communities to access eye health services and demand better care. In doing so, we are also confronting some of the barriers to treatment, particularly in marginalised groups.

Innovate to Accelerate Change

We continue to honour Fred’s pioneering spirit by discovering new and better ways to reach more people with high quality eye care. We are employing new technologies, generating and using evidence, and developing new approaches to make eye care more effective, efficient and accessible. 

We believe research and innovation are critical to catalyse meaningful change in the way eye care is delivered.

Advocate and Influence

We galvanise action like Fred, using our position as a leading international development organisation to put eye health on the global agenda. Working in partnership with like-minded organisations, we have used evidence-based research to effect sustainable change and challenge governments to do more to ensure everyone can access high-quality care.

Indigenous Australia Program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are three times more likely to go blind than other Australians. While much progress has been made to close the gap in eye health, more needs to be done.

We are continuing Fred’s commitment to supporting and advancing the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities to self-determination, leadership and control.
Download the Fred Hollows Foundation 2018 Annual Report here.


“Good eye service is the right of everybody, not just the wealthy who can afford it.” – Fred Hollows 

​Thank you for keeping Fred's vision alive