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Dubai’s number one radio DJ, Kris Fade from Virgin Radio Dubai, is usually interviewing celebrities and musicians for the enjoyment of his million and half radio fans. 

However, when Kris travelled to Nepal to highlight the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation, he found himself staying in a Buddhist monastery, meeting with some of the most vulnerable in Nepal’s society and interviewing the legendary surgeon Dr Ruit.

“Over the beginning of Ramadan I’ve been lucky enough to see first-hand what this great organisation does. I have travelled to see their work in Nepal and what I saw during that trip was truly amazing,” Kris said.

Kris shared his journey with his social media followers, including touching moments of a child seeing his father for the first time. Kris also captured Dr Ruit in surgery for Instagram TV, as well as the incredible moment several patients had their patches taken off and were able to see his face.


Kris’ fans were deeply moved by his experience, and with Kris’ encouragement, donated more than 160,000AED in four days.

“To find out that life changing operation costs as little as AED 70 – that’s why our listeners decided to act.”

Nick Martin, Director of Public Affairs for The Fred Hollows Foundation, thanked Kris Fade for his outstanding leadership and his support for The Foundation.

“Thank you to Kris Fade, Virgin Radio Dubai and ARN for their support, highlighting in the holy month of Ramadan how avoidable blindness affects the world’s most vulnerable,” Mr Martin said.