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2014 Annual Report 2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Our global impact

2014 saw the The Foundation growing even more focused, more connected with our values and more inspired by Fred’s leadership and example. We thank our donors for their commitment to a world in which no one is needlessly blind. 

The 2014 Annual Report highlights our achievements and you can view a summary of our results below, or you can download a full copy of the 2014 Annual Report. 

You can also download a full copy of our 2014 Financial Report. 

Helping people see


IN AFGHANISTAN we screened a total of 74,789 people and conducted over 9,000 eye operations and treatments. This included 642 cataract operations. We also screened tens of thousands of school students for refractive error and distributed 2,842 pairs of glasses.

IN BANGLADESH we screened 384,072 people and conducted over 124,000 eye operations and treatments including 16,217 sight restoring cataract surgeries. We also performed 1,735 procedures to treat diabetic retinopathy and distributed over 15,000 pairs of glasses.

IN BURUNDI we supported 19 eye camps across Ngozi and Kayanza provinces. A total of 16,346 people were screened with 281 receiving sight restoring cataract surgery.

IN CAMBODIA we screened 107,634 people and performed over 13,000 eye operations and treatments including 8,775 cataract surgeries.

IN CHINA we performed over 140,000 eye operations and treatments and distributed over 10,000 pairs of glasses. The Foundation became the first International charity to work with ethnic minorities in Xinjang to help with the delivery of eye services. We also launched projects in Inner Mongolia and Anhui.

IN THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA through our Nepalese partner the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology we supported an outreach eye camp where 5,720 sight restoring cataract operations were performed.

IN ERITREA we performed 5,527 cataract operations and distributed over 43,000 antibiotics for the treatment of trachoma.

IN ETHIOPIA 5,637,226 people were treated with antibiotics for trachoma and over 7,000 lid surgeries to treat trichiasis were performed.

IN KENYA we treated over 1 million people with antibiotics for trachoma. We performed over 46,000 eye operations and treatments including 8,695 cataract and 6,052 trichiasis surgeries.

IN LAO PDR we supported 10 mobile eye camps in some of the most remote regions of the country. We screened 14,794 people and conducted almost 8,000 eye operations and treatments.

IN MYANMAR we worked in partnership with the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology to conduct outreach eye camps in Yangon and Myeik where 4,671 cataract operations were performed. Working with our partners here are some of the ways we are restoring hope around the world, one pair of eyes at a time.

IN NEPAL we screened 374,922 people and performed 14,369 cataract operations. We helped support 19 outreach microsurgical eye camps in rural and remote areas.

IN THE PACIFIC more than 335,000 Solomon Islanders received antibiotics to treat trachoma. We also screened 3,655 people in Vanuatu.

IN PAKISTAN we screened over 434,000 people and performed over 205,000 eye operations and treatments including 17,576 sight restoring cataract surgeries.

IN PALESTINE with our partner St John’s hospital we screened over 16,000 people, including in refugee camps, for diabetic retinopathy (DR). We supported 1,221 procedures to treat DR.

IN THE PHILIPPINES the country’s first Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness, which measures the number of people who are blind, was completed in Tarlac Province. We also supported 3,322 eye operations and treatments.

IN RWANDA we screened 26,582 people for a range of eye conditions and performed 439 sight restoring cataract operations.

IN TIMOR-LESTE in partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand, we screened 21,405 people and performed 2,791 eye operations and treatments including 864 cataract surgeries. We also distributed 5,790 pairs of glasses.

IN VIETNAM we screened 998,092 people and performed 58,619 eye operations and treatments including 28,496 cataract surgeries.

Investing in people


IN AFGHANISTAN 1,389 teachers and community health workers were trained. As a result, tens of thousands of students were screened and hundreds were provided with glasses.

IN BANGLADESH we trained 33 surgeons and 6,227 community health workers. We also trained school teachers in how to detect refractive error.

IN CAMBODIA we supported the training of 11 surgeons, 82 clinic support staff and 5,469 community health workers. Approximately 350,000 school children received eye health education.

IN CHINA we trained 30 surgeons, 108 clinic support staff and 2,320 community health workers and teachers.

IN THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF KOREA four surgeons were trained in Small Incision Cataract Surgery at the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology.

IN ERITREA cataract surgeons are being trained in Small Incision Cataract Surgery and 110 community health workers were trained.

IN ETHIOPIA 5,403 teachers and community health workers were trained.

IN INDONESIA we trained four surgeons, 38 clinic support staff and 544 community health workers.

IN KENYA we trained 15 surgeons, 439 clinic support staff and 4,061 community health workers.

IN LAO PDR we trained four surgeons, 129 clinic support staff and 882 community health workers.

IN MYANMAR for the very first time two ophthalmologists were sent to the world renowned Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology to receive Small Incision Cataract Surgery training.

IN NEPAL we trained six surgeons, 34 clinic support staff and 2,779 community health workers.

IN PAKISTAN we trained five surgeons, 27 clinic support staff and 4,429 community health workers. We also continued to support Lady Health Workers who are trained in basic health care to help housebound women and children to get to hospital.

IN THE PHILIPPINES almost 2,000 village health workers and school nurses were given eye examination training at the Tarlac Eye Centre.

IN RWANDA we trained one surgeon and 45 clinic support staff.

IN TIMOR-LESTE The Foundation helped train and build a small health workforce in eye care, from village health workers to eye care nurses and technicians, and four junior ophthalmology candidates.

IN VIETNAM we trained 19 surgeons, 57 clinic support staff and 5,817 community health workers.

We funded 15 International Council of Ophthalmology scholarships which help ophthalmologists in all the countries we work in to learn specialist skills. In the spirit of Fred Hollows we also ensured that Young Australian ophthalmologists were exposed to eye care in
under-serviced communities through The Fred Hollows Foundation Fellowship. Three fellowships were undertaken in 2014.

Equipment & Technology


The Foundation helped develop and produce the arclight, a low-cost, solar powered LED ophthalmoscope which has been distributed to partners in more than 20 countries.

IN AFGHANISTAN we renovated and equipped the Outpatient Department and Operating Theatre of the University Eye Hospital in Kabul, in preparation to train doctors and eye care workers.

IN BANGLADESH we upgraded the Barisal branch of the Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital.

IN CAMBODIA the construction of a new Eye Unit at Sihanouk Province Referral Hospital was completed. Equipment for the National Refraction Training Centre was also set up at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh. The Centre, supported by The Foundation, will train many to screen for refractive error and dispense glasses. $276,740 worth of equipment was donated.

IN CHINA we renovated 12 facilities including equipping three vision centres in county hospitals in Inner Mongolia.

IN ETHIOPIA we supplied $126,747 worth of equipment essential for tackling trachoma in Oromia region.

IN INDONESIA we supplied $157,730 worth of essential eye health equipment.

IN KENYA a review of the electronic Health Information System was conducted in hospitals across the country. We also upgraded two eye health facilities and donated $485,773 worth of equipment.

IN MYANMAR we supplied $103,437 worth of eye health equipment to Yangon Eye Hospital.

IN PAKISTAN we upgraded nine facilities including Civil Hospital Hyderabad Sindh which is now able to provide diabetic retinopathy screening services. We also donated $264,521 worth of equipment.

IN TIMOR-LESTE The Foundation launched a database to collect national data on eye health, making it easier for doctors to keep patient records. We also donated $212,594 worth of essential eye health equipment.

IN VIETNAM The Foundation helped build an eye clinic in Quang Nam Province which services 1.5 million people. The operating theatre and wards at the Ha Tinh Province Eye Centre were completed. $693,714 worth of equipment was donated.

Download the full 2014 Annual Report.
Download the full 2014 Financial Report.

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