Why monthly giving is better for everyone

Why monthly giving is better for everyone

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Your gift will help restore sight to as many as 4 people.

Why giving regularly is better for you

You'll be in control of your giving

Mindful, intentional and strategic giving allows you to be in control of your giving.

Rather than donating reactively, you can be proud that your gift is considered, planned and intentional.

A regular gift will help fund sight restoring surgeries and education programs, as well as equipment and facility upgrades when needed.

The amount you give each month is your choice and you can easily change it at any time depending on your personal budget and everyday expenses.


We’ll keep in touch

At The Foundation, our stories are what fuels the fire in our bellies.

Our incredible network includes healthcare professionals, partner organisations, donors and most importantly, patients. Every single person has an inspirational story to tell you.

Last year, we performed 1.1 million eye operations and invested more than $3.5 million in eye care equipment and infrastructure all over the world.

As a regular giver, we will share these stories with you. You’ll be able to see the very real impact that your regular donations are having on real people, every single day.

You’ll feel confident that you’ve done your part for The Foundation

Regular giving takes the pressure off at times when you face other big expenses, like Christmas. Having provided small, monthly donations throughout the year, you can feel confident that you’ve played your part.

But don’t worry… if Santa left an extra “pineapple” in your sack, you’re still welcome to make a one-off donation at any time, on top of your generous monthly gift!

Automation is the way of the future

Automated payments are now commonplace. They’re safe and secure, convenient and hassle-free. Shorten your 'to do' list and automate your monthly gift.

Easy access to donation records

You can request information on your monthly gifts at any time by emailing [email protected] or calling 1800 352 352. We can provide you with digital records of your payments, or we can pop a letter in the mail for you. You can update your details by visiting: www.hollows.org/au/updatedetails. It’s up to you!

Why giving regularly is better for us

Regular donations provide us with a reliable source of funding

A reliable source of funding means that our long-term planning can be far more effective. We're working to build a brighter future; long-term projects are the most effective way to achieve this. With more regular gifts, we can confidently commit to more complex projects.

This confidence is invaluable. As many of you would be aware, many development projects are initiated to solve complex global issues. For example, The Foundation is embarking on a three year project to address the poor access to eye care for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Without the commitment from regular donors and partners, The Foundation wouldn’t be able to commit to such a long term project.

Lower admin costs

Plain and simple; fewer individual transactions will mean fewer administrative tasks and that saves us money.

At the end of each financial year, as a regular donor, you’ll receive one consolidated receipt, as well as regular updates throughout the year, meaning fewer one-off receipts and lower administration costs.

Better yet, you will have the ability to choose how and when you hear from us. You can request not to receive emails or printed materials in the post, and you can let us know how often you would like to hear from us.