We appreciate the time and effort everyone takes to apply for a job with The Foundation.

Here’s what to expect during the recruitment process.

Application Process
Before applying to one of our positions, we encourage you to do your research and to read the relevant role purpose.  This will enable you to assess whether your skills and experience are a match for what we are looking for.  If our position looks like a great match for you, then tell us!  We really love to read a good letter of application that tells us a bit more about you, and don't forget to attach your resume too.
Initial telephone introduction
One of our Talent Acquisition specialist may get in touch for a chat about the role, find out more about your experience, and answer any questions you may have.
Face-to-face interview
If you’re short-listed, we’ll ask you to come in for an interview with up to three people who you’ll be working closely with. Depending on the role, it could be one interview or several. Interviews typically include a combination of competency-based and technical questions. This way, we can understand how you like to work and see your experience against our selection criteria.
For roles that have a focus on working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and/or programs, we will have at least one Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person on the panel.
For some roles, you may be asked to undertake a further assessment. Most can be completed online and they help us understand your work preferences, skills and ability. Depending on which job you’re applying for, we may ask you to prepare a short presentation based on a particular scenario or case study.

We try and ensure that we communicate in a timely manner with everyone who has invested time in applying for a position with us.   We make a point of acknowledging all applications and ensuring everyone knows the outcome of their application, whether successful or not.

Whilst it is not always possible to provide indepth feedback to everyone, personally, if you would like specific information regarding the outcome of your application then we encourage you to get in touch by email at [email protected]

Background checks 

Criminal record
A person’s criminal history does not automatically exclude them from working or volunteering with us, but any criminal convictions must be disclosed when you apply. All applicants will be required to undertake a criminal records check.
Working with children check
As a child safe organisation, all applicants applying for positions which have access to children will be screened for suitability to work with children, youth and vulnerable people.