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Staff Benefits Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

We want The Foundation to be a place where our employees truly enjoy coming to work.
Through our internal programs and employee benefits we aim to create an environment where you will feel supported and empowered.  Whether your focus in on continuous learning, professional development or simply finding an environment which enables you to thrive whilst balancing family or personal life, then we have a number of programs in place to support you.


Our global remuneration framework ensures that we align to local pay, employment conditions and laws. All our roles are benchmark against the local market to ensure we offer competitive employment conditions that are appropriate to our sector. 
As a Health Promotion Charity, the Australian Taxation Office allows us to reimburse our employees for personal expenses without having to pay any income or fridge benefits tax that would normally be payable. These tax concessions are in addition to the Tax-Free Threshold.
13th Month Bonus
A payment equivalent to one month’s salary will be paid each year (pro-rata for those working part of the year) to our permanent employees internationally. 
Australian employees have access to 20 days of paid annual leave each year (pro-rated for part-time employees). 
As an additional benefit to all permanent employees we offer 17.5% leave loading allowance for these 20 days.

In addition to the above, we provide 5 days paid leave between the Christmas and New Year period.

Other types of leave include personal (sick or carer’s’) leave, paid parental leave, Cultural Significant leave, long service leave and compassionate leave.
  • Parental Leave - Our Parental leave has been designed to recognise both the primary care giver and the non – primary care giving.  We recognise the importance of supporting all types of parents in the workplace. 
  • Culturally significant leave - As a culturally diverse and inclusive organisation we recognise the importance of all cultural or religious customs and have allocated leave for these purposes. 
When it comes to flexibility, we encourage a spirit of mutual flexibility, enabling discussions between our people and their managers about maintaining work-life balance.  Our flexible work guidelines ensure that we can attract and retain a motivated workforce which is focused on outcomes not hours!

We want you to work in a way that best suits your needs, we’ve embraced technology solutions that help you personalise your working day, working from any device, anywhere.
We are committed to supporting all employees at various stages of their career.  The Foundation has developed a number of programs to enable you to be successful in your role.  
  • Formal Performance plans and reviews - Our performance and development framework enables you to work closely with your manager to plan, manage, and review your performance throughout the year. Whilst we know annual performance is important, we also know that genuine growth and development often happens outside of these meetings.  To this end we have designed a performance review process with promotes and encourages continuous conversations. At any time of the year, we encourage you to pick up the phone, book a meeting or simply arrange a coffee, we know that regular catch-ups are best!
  • Learning and Development - Along with continuous on the job training and coaching, we provide all employees the opportunity to turbo charge their learning by accessing our in-house learning platform, with over 6000 courses, we are confident there is something for everyone.
  • Leadership Development - We are committed to developing both our current and future leaders and offer a range of internal programs that have been designed to help you enhance your leadership skills.
  • Study Support – Our Global study assistance program, provides both financial assistance and study leave support to any employee who is looking to add additional qualifications to their toolkit. 
We recognise and acknowledge our people who live our values. Our annual “Love” award, gives our staff the opportunity to nominate their colleagues for the significant contribution they have made.  It’s also a great excuse for a celebration!

With a customised global recognition platform, you will be able to recognise, share and celebrate the successess of your fellow team mates in real time across.
We are committed to supporting your health and well-being at work and our wellness Wednesday initiative is a great opportunity to learn new ways of taking care of yourself at work, as well as providing an opportunity for you to catch up with your colleagues and have a bit of fun!!
To support health and wellbeing, we offer free external, professional and confidential counselling assistance to our people and direct members of their families who face personal, family or employment related concerns.