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10 unique fundraising ideas you'll love

Are you thinking of hosting a fundraising event but don’t want to ask for money outright? Or maybe you’ve exhausted the usual fundraising options and are looking for new and exciting ideas that are a little outside the box? We put our thinking caps on and came up with 10 fresh fundraising ideas.

Host a movie night fundraiser in 10 simple steps

Gather your family, friends, neighbours or co-workers together for a fun movie night fundraiser at your local cinema.

How to host an outdoor movie night fundraiser

Everyone is slowly shaking off their winter habit of hibernating indoors and getting ready to embrace the great outdoors. Before they all fill up their social calendar, pencil them in to join you for an outdoor movie night fundraiser event.

How to organise a trivia fundraiser (on a budget)

Trivia fundraising events can be one of the most profitable (and fun!) charity fundraising options you can choose. Learn how to host your own here.

8 activities to help you put the fun in fundraising

Fundraising at school can be a great way to raise money for an important cause and get some seriously good karma while you’re at it! Plus, getting your friends and teachers involved makes it even more fun.