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If you are posting a Mother’s Day card, please order by Thursday 3 May, 2018. Otherwise, order an eCard via email. Each eCard comes with a with a high-quality PDF you can print at home.
Mother's Day Card - Larisha and Angela gift card

Mother's Day Card - Larisha and Angela

This gift will help restore sight to someone just like 5-year-old Larisha from Kenya. She received sight-restoring surgery and can now go to school and follow her dream of becoming a pilot one day.
Mother's Day Card - Nabiritha and Emily gift card

Mother's Day Card - Nabiritha and Emily

This gift will help restore sight to someone like Nabiritha. As a baby she was diagnosed with cataract in each eye. Her mother Emily never gave up and when Nabiritha was seven years old, The Fred Hollows Foundation’s field team found her.
Mother's Day Card - Leonides and Juliette gift card

Mother's Day Card - Leonides and Juliette

This gift will help restore sight to those living with avoidable blindness - someone just like Leonides from Burundi, who deloped cataract blindness at a young age. His mother, Juliette, did everything within her power to find help for her son to give him his childhood back.
Mother's Day Card - Thol gift card

Mother's Day Card - Thol

This gift will help restore sight to someone like Thol, a Cambodian mother who had never seen her baby. She was given the chance for a new future after her successful cataract operation.
Cesaria gift card


Cesaria’s chances of surviving until her fifth birthday would have been slim. Thankfully, The Foundation got to her in time and Cesaria has been transformed in to a joyful little girl.
Fred Hollows gift card

Fred Hollows

Seven-year-old Giap was examined by Fred in Hanoi in 1992. After sight saving surgery, he went on to be the first in his family to attend university. This is the impact a gift like this has on the lives of people just like Giap.
Fred Hollows Australia gift card

Fred Hollows Australia

Following in Fred’s footsteps, our Indigenous Australia Program is determined to close the gap on Indigenous health. This gift will help us to continue working with our partners to provide culturally appropriate services for people in remote and underserviced areas in Australia.  
Fred Hollows Surgery gift card

Fred Hollows Surgery

Fred got things done. He always pushed for change and, because of that, put in motion a legacy to end avoidable blindness. Fred showed us that sight can be restored for as little as $25 in some countries, and this card represents that.
Reggie Uluru gift card

Reggie Uluru

Help restore the sight of those living with avoidable blindness. It could be someone like Reggie Uluru, an Aboriginal elder who needs his sight to help preserve important Indigenous culture.
Cataract Surgical Kit gift card

Cataract Surgical Kit

This gift can provide a life-changing surgical kit to an under-resourced eye surgeon. Not only is it vital equipment, but it will go on to help save the eyesight of thousands of people.
Trachoma Surgeries gift card

Trachoma Surgeries

Trachoma is a painful inflammation of the eye – without treatment, it can lead to blindness. However, this gift could make all the difference and save the sight of up to two people who need urgent surgery.
Fred Hollows Intraocular lens gift card

Fred Hollows Intraocular lens

Fred Hollows worked tirelessly to help developing countries produce their own affordable IOLs (Intraocular Lens), a thin plastic lens used in cataract surgery to replace the cloudy, natural lens. This gift could go towards helping people who need these IOLs.
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