Timothy was a nine year old boy in Kenya suffering from childhood cataract.

Watching Timothy struggle every day was torture for Timothy’s parents.  – especially Symon, his father. The pair share a special bond, and Symon’s pain was evident when we first met the pair.
Timothy couldn’t read, couldn’t play with other kids, and was becoming more shy and withdrawn with each day. Simon watched on, helplessly.
But, as these photos show, the journey from despair to hope was a fast one. And while Timothy has a new lease on life, no one’s happiness showed more clearly than Symon’s.
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Watching on while Timothy struggled 

I saw the problem late last year. The boy was straining to look at anybody. 
- Symon, Timothy's father

Enjoying spending time with his son

Symon was so worried about his son, but he still enjoyed quality father-son time.


Anxiously awaiting outside the operating theatre

Symon waits outside the operating theatre. He was anxious and struggled to relax. But while he was waiting he was trying to understand why an Australian organisation, and Australian people, were going to so much trouble to help his son.
I am just so grateful.
- Symon

“Timothy, are you ok?”

Symon was still uncertain at this point, despite assurances from Timothy's surgeon that he would have "good outcomes".


The happiest high-five

Timothy was restrained at first and then couldn’t hold back when his father high-fived him.


Let's play catch

The simplest things are the things you miss the most. And for Symon, being able to play with his son again has been a happy outcome of Timothy’s operation.


Now that Timothy can see….

…the sky is the limit. The look on Symon’s face encapsulates exactly what it means to know your son has the best chances in life.
There is no better feeling than making a difference in a child’s life.
- Dr. Ollando, Timothy's surgeon
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$25 can restore sight

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