Australians are estimated to have spent more than $6 billion over Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so today they’re being asked to give a small amount to help others.

The Fred Hollows Foundation has joined the global Giving Tuesday movement – a campaign which celebrates and enhances generosity in our communities. 

Giving Tuesday is a day where every part of the community can come together, collaborate and continue to support charities that ensure healthy communities in Australia and around the world.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is today aiming to raise $50,000 to provide vital sight-saving services to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people around the world.

Fred Hollows once said, “caring about other people is what being a human is all about”

And for more than 30 years the people of Australia have continued to support Fred Hollows legacy, restoring sight to more than 3 million people.

Today we are calling on generous Australians to help continue that work to restore sight, train health care workers and equip hospitals in remote parts of the world, transforming the lives of people across the 25 countries where we work.

After a weekend of big spending we hope people will consider giving just a small amount to help others. The Foundation can help restore sight for as little as $25 in some countries. 

Giving Tuesday started in New York in 2012, with the United Nations Foundation providing their strategic and communications expertise. In 2013, Australia was invited to join the campaign, and the Giving Tuesday message started spreading across Australian communities.

Since then, Giving Tuesday has spread to more than 50 countries across the world. Each country participates on the same day, which brings together individuals and communities from across the world to celebrate generosity together.

For more information on The Fred Hollows Foundation or to make a donation, click here or call 1800 352 352.