Disney’s ‘Frozen’ star Kristen Bell has publicly declared her support for The Fred Hollows Foundation, generously donating $2,500 to help restore sight to some of the world’s poorest communities.

The Golden Globe Awards nominee learnt about The Fred Hollows Foundation through non-profit organisation The Life You Can Save, which was established to shine the spotlight on non-government organisations (NGOs) that are highly impactful yet cost-effective.

The Life You Can Save was founded by Australian philosopher Peter Singer to change the culture of giving in affluent countries while dramatically raising annual donations to highly impactful non-profits that work to reduce suffering and premature death for people living in extreme poverty.

Peter Singer and The Life You Can Save recognised The Fred Hollows Foundation as one of the most cost-effective NGOs in the world, partly due to the World Bank identifying cataract surgery as among the most cost-effective of all public health interventions.

The Life You Can Save has helped The Fred Hollows Foundation show the world that the socioeconomic impact from affordable cataract surgery is far-reaching.

After cataract surgery, patients – particularly women, who are predominately the caregivers and income providers – no longer need care from family members and are then free to work full-time, earning higher incomes and leading to improved quality of life for them and their families.

The Fred Hollows Foundation’s CEO Ian Wishart said The Foundation was thrilled at Kristen’s generous support.

“We thank Kristen for throwing her support behind our cause to improve the lives of people who would otherwise not have the means to afford it,” Ian said.

“Thanks to Fred’s pioneering work, the creation of low-cost intraocular lenses revolutionised sight-restoring surgery, and meant we can now restore sight for as little as $25 in some countries.

“Through the support from Kristen and partner organisations like The Life You Can Save, we hope to continue breaking the cycle of poverty and changing the lives of the world’s poorest people.

“But we are also immensely grateful for the support of everyday people who donate to our work. No matter how big or small, your donation goes a long way.”

Cover image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images, as seen on Us Weekly