The lives, songs and struggles of some of Australia’s most talented Indigenous musicians, including Foundation ambassador Shellie Morris, are captured in an uplifting documentary 'Murundak – Songs of Freedom', which screened on SBS TV recently.

Murundak journeys with members of The Black Arm Band as they tour and bring songs of resistance and freedom to Aboriginal communities around Australia.

Along with Shellie Morris, members of the band include Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Emma Donovan, Kutcha Edwards, and Dan Sultan.

Told mainly through song, the band’s story is framed around Kevin Rudd’s historically significant apology to the Stolen Generations and its aftermath.

Through this music, The Black Arm Band share their grief, and express hope for reconciliation.

National Sorry Day is held on 26 May each year, and National Reconciliation Week 2011 runs from Friday 27 May - Friday 3 June.

The Foundation is a longtime partner of The Black Arm Band, providing support to help it reach remote Indigenous communities with life-affirming representations of culture and strong role models. In addition, Shellie Morris has worked extensively on music and literacy projects with Indigenous kids as an ambassador for The Foundation.

Widely acclaimed, Murundak received a 4.5 star rating from ABC film critic Margaret Pomeranz in a recent review.
"The musicians sing their lives, their stories, their history with grief and with hope - some of the most moving moments I can remember in cinema in a long time"
- Margaret

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