The Fred Hollows Foundation, in partnership with the Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation, has refurbished the first permanent eye health clinic for Tennant Creek residents.
  • Refurbished eye health clinic means better eye care for Tennant Creek and surrounding communities
  • One of many Foundation-supported projects to improve Indigenous health in Central Australia
The facility offers access for Tennant Creek residents to a range of eye health services including optometrists, eye specialists, the trachoma team and diabetes education, as well as glasses at affordable prices—all in one location at Anyinginyi’s main clinic.

The improved facility now features a new room for eye treatment and eye health staff, including a room for visiting Alice Springs-based ophthalmologist, Dr Tim Henderson, who makes regular visits to Tennant Creek.

The clinic’s eye health team will support people who need to have surgery at the Tennant Creek Hospital and also those needing travel to Alice Springs for treatment.

Tennant Creek Eye Clinic General Manager, Trevor Sanders, has welcomed The Foundation’s contribution to eye care in the area and is looking forward to working together in the future.

Through partnerships with Indigenous organisations and communities, The Foundation continues to support improving health outcomes and eliminating avoidable blindness in Indigenous communities throughout Australia.