Australia Day may inspire beach days and BBQs, but it’s also one of the few days of the year where we reflect on what makes our country great.
A key part of this reflection is the Australian of the Year awards – a 50-year-old forum for recognising a role model from our community each year. 

Twenty-five years ago, it was Fred Hollows who was awarded that honour. And to celebrate this milestone, some recent fellow Australians of the Year gathered to pay homage to the work of the great Fred Hollows. 
He saw people in need and went out
to try and do something to help them...
- Adam Goodes, AFL Player and community leader
Ranging from sporting greats to music legends, there’s no doubt that Adam Goodes, Steve Waugh, Ita Buttrose, Dick Smith, Fiona Wood Lee Kernaghan – and of course Fred Hollows -  are names that are synonymous with excellence in their field.

Be inspired: watch these eminent Australians talk about Fred and the difference one man can make to millions.

Adam Goodes - AFL player and community leader – 2014:
A champion Australian Rules football player and a passionate anti-racism advocate, Adam helped set up the Go Foundation, an organisation empowerings Indigenous children with scholarships to attend quality schools. Adam is widely admired and uses his voice to promote education, employment and healthy lifestyles for Indigenous Australians.
Ita Buttrose – Media Icon - 2013: 
A businesswoman, television personality and author, Ita Buttrose changes hats with ease. She was the founding editor of Cleo, and later on became the editor of the Australian Women's Weekly.  A well-known face on the Australian media circuit, Ita is also a prominent across various social and health issues. She’s been the National President of Alzheimer’s Australia and Vice President Emeritus of Arthritis Australia.

Lee Kernaghan – Country Music Legend - 2008: 
He’s raised money for rural communities during times of drought and is a chart-topper to boot. Lee Kernaghan is a prominent figure in Australian music withand he’s had 33 #1 hits on the Australian Country Charts. Despite a stellar career during whichwhere he’s sold over two millions albums, Lee is a representative for the way of life in rural Australia.

Fiona Wood - Plastic Surgeon and 'Spray-on Skin' Pioneer - 2005: 
When theAfter the tragic Bali Bombings happened, Fiona Wood’s medical response was vital. She treated 28 victims for burns treatment, and is well-known for her invention of ‘spray-on skin’, an innovative treatment for burns victims which is in continuous development. Her company cultures small skin cells into bigger volumes of skin cells suspensions and this service is used in many hospitals.

Steve Waugh – Test Cricket captain – 2004: 
Steve Waugh was just twenty-one years old when he debuted for Australia and he retired in 2004 after playing a world record of 168 test matches and 325 one-day internationals. He’s worked to help with people suffering from victims of leprosy in India and remains one our most inspirational sporting heroes.  
Dick Smith – Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist - 1986:
Perhaps most famous for the retail chain Dick Smith Electronics, Dick Smith’s interests span aviation, publishing and philanthropy. He’s founded a media production company with the intent of creating films around social issues, and he was also the face of Dick Smith Foods, a company created as a retaliation in response to the growing foreign ownership of Australian food.
Fred Hollows Ophthalmologist and Humanitarian - 1990:
The creator and namesake of the Fred Hollows Foundation. It’s been 25 years since this great man was named Australian of the Year. Thanks to his efforts all those years ago, a person’s sight can be saved for just $25 dollars. So today we say Happy 25th Anniversary Fred, and thanks for all your work.
You can be part of this legacy - it still only takes $25 to help restore sight. If you can, please make a donation today and keep Fred’s dream alive.