A five-day eye camp in the Kampong Chen Cheung commune of Stong District, Cambodia, has restored sight to over 190 people.

Around 500 people lined up recently to have their eyes checked by an outreach surgical team consisting of an ophthalmologist, a resident and three nurses. 

Mr Chhun Chat, the commune chief, said that every year The Fred Hollows Foundation’s eye camp brings hope, smiles and laughter to his villages.

“As far as I remember it has been the fifth eye camp conducted in my commune,” he says.

“We were waiting for their visit to arrive sooner, so hundreds of people would have the chance to see their loved ones again.”

Kampong Chet Cheung commune is approximately 90km from the nearest eye care services in Kampong Thom or Siem Reap – an impossible distance for the blind to travel, especially with little to no money available for transport.

Mr Chhun Chat believes it is essential that eye services are taken directly to the remote regions of Cambodia, where people would remain blind without the support of Australians, through The Foundation.

“I thank our friends far, far away in Australia for bringing new sight and new hope to my village,” he says.

The Foundation has worked in Cambodia since 1998 and in this time our programs have made a significant impact at national, provincial and community levels. Programs currently service more than half of the Cambodian population, across nine provinces and Phnom Penh city.

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