Fourteen-year-old Din is one of thousands of Cambodians who have received sight-restoring surgery supported by The Fred Hollows Foundation and the Australian Government.
  • 1,123 sight-restoring operations performed at the Kampong Speu Eye Unit in 2011
Din was born with cataracts. He is the youngest son of a rice farmer and one of seven children.

Over the years, his cataracts developed and by the age of 10, Din’s vision was so poor he could only see one metre ahead.

Living in darkness was like a prison for Din. He lost his motivation and didn’t want to speak to anyone.

His parents were worried about his future. They thought the nearest place he could receive treatment was in Phnom Penh–it was a journey they could not afford. They lost hope that he would ever see again.

But with the support of The Foundation and the Australian Avoidable Blindness Initiative, Din was able to recieve sight-restoring surgery at the Kampong Speu Eye Unit.

Din’s operation was a success. He had both cataracts removed and is now back at school and he is playing with other children again.

“I’m so happy that Din has his sight back,” his father said. “It had been nearly two years since he attended school.

“His studies have also improved since his vision was restored. He is leading the class in his village.”

Word has spread throughout the province and surrounding areas about the great work being done at the eye unit. Last year 1,123 sight-restoring operations were performed at the facility.

These achievements were made possible due to support from the Australian people and the Australia Government through the Avoidable Blindness Initiative.

The Australian Government supports the objective to end avoidable blindness in our region by the year 2020, through the work of the Vision 2020 Australia Global Consortium.

Last year in Cambodia, The Foundation performed 5,787 cataract operations and 1,969 other sight restoring or improving interventions, and delivered $578,495 in medical equipment.

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