Every morning, six days a week, Fatima visits dozens of families in Hyderabad Sindh District, Pakistan. She goes door-to-door, helping women who are often unable to leave their homes without being escorted by a male relative.

Fatima is a Lady Health Worker and one of the many success stories of The Fred Hollows Foundation and its work with the Pakistani Government.

"I have been working as a Lady Health Worker for the past 18 years and I really enjoy being able to help people – especially vulnerable women and children," she said.

As a Lady Health Worker, Fatima would advocate for family planning and vaccinations for children. She used to see many families with eye conditions but did not have the knowledge to diagnose them.

But following her training in basic eye care by The Foundation, she can now diagnose cataract, squint and glaucoma, among other eye diseases, and refers women and children to local eye units or hospitals for further screening and treatment.

Since her training, Fatima has referred more than 500 patients for treatment.

"I feel a sense of satisfaction in serving my community," she said, happy to be so well received by the families she visits.

"They consider me a good friend and feel very comfortable sharing their health problems openly with me," she said.

The Lady Health Workers are a role model of leadership for women in Pakistan and have made a significant impact on the eye health of women and children across the country.