With our partners, we innovate and facilitate high quality health services research to improve the quality, productivity and accessibility of eye care for those living in low resource settings. In 2019, we maintained our commitment to sharing knowledge and ensuring the lessons from our research, innovation and evaluation activities are widely available. 
We contributed to 34 publications, including 19 peer-reviewed articles, 4 research reports, 10 evaluation reports and a book chapter. These outputs are summarised in our 2019 Research and Evaluation publications report, which includes key findings, author information and citations. 
In 2020, we will continue to promote high-quality research, innovation and evaluation work, to ensure our programs continue to deliver impact, are built on the best available evidence, and  to share our insights widely with partners and decision-makers. If you have any questions about any of the research or evaluation work we support, you can always contact our Research team via [email protected]  


What are the key concepts discussed?

To share our insights from 2019, we’ve summarised the abstracts and key details of articles and reports from evaluations and research publications released throughout the year.

Each article is categorised according to our key disease priorities: It also covers other cross-cutting themes like health systems strengthening and equity.

Each piece of research and evaluation helps improve The Foundation’s understanding of key eye health issues, and build the evidence base we use to improve our programs and to advocate to governments and other decision makers to invest in eliminating avoidable blindness and vision impairment.