Following on from Fred’s legacy as prolific author of research on eye health services, eye disease and Aboriginal Health, The Foundation remains committed to high impact research and technological innovation.

The Foundation undertakes high quality, impactful and ethical research in order to build a strong evidence base, improve program performance, further global thinking on ending avoidable blindness and to support its advocacy and policy efforts. 

What is the Research and Evaluation Publications Summary?

The summary presents abstracts of articles and reports of the strategic evaluations and research published with support of The Fred Hollows Foundation in 2017. It features abstracts of 21 peer review journal articles, 14 research and country program evaluation reports, 12 project evaluation reports and 2 book chapters. Each piece of research is used to further The Foundation’s current and future work with regards to eye health services, eye diseases and Aboriginal health.

What are the key concepts discussed?

The summary provides an overview of the research published with The Fred Hollows Foundation’s support around five priority areas; trachoma research, cataract, health systems strengthening, community engagement and diabetic retinopathy.


What information will the reader find in this report?

In the report, readers will find condensed summaries of:
  • Strategic evaluations of the impact of The Fred Hollows Foundation’s programs
  • Diabetic retinopathy research and evaluations
  • Childhood blind research and evaluations
  • Trachoma research and evaluations
  • Cataract research and evaluations
  • Health systems strengthening research and evaluation reports
  • Community engagement research and evaluations
  • Articles regarding other research undertaken by The Fred Hollows Foundation and its partners.