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These are the men, women and children whose lives have changed thanks to your generous donations.

Our story: 25 years on

This is the story of how one organisation restored sight to over two million people.

Eric's Story

Hope finds a way

Evelyn's story

When Evelyn Pultara began to lose her sight, she feared she would lose her livelihood and her ability to pass on her culture to future generations.

Thol's story

Thol, a mother of four children, after spending fours years of darkness and misery, finally got to see the smiling faces of her beautiful children again.

Dr Ruit's Story: 25 years on

Dr Ruit is an Eye Health Hero - he’s restored sight to a record 120,000 people. This is his story.

Leonides's story

Seven-year old Leonides lived every day in darkness due to childhood blindness until the day Dr.Levi removed his cataracts and changed his life.

Thinles' story

Thinles is a 30 year old woman who was blind and had no idea what was wrong with her. This is how we helped her.

Cam's story

Cam, a seven year old girl, had childhood bi-lateral cataract. Like so many other families in Vietnam, her family couldn't afford basic eye care.

Nabiritha's story

Nabiritha's mother Emily had to wait seven years to get her child help. But when Nabiritha could see again, it was a moment of pure joy.

Faith's story

Faith was a little girl in Africa born blind from cataracts. This is the story of how her Aunt's determination saved her.
$25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

Help us end avoidable blindness