5 ways you can celebrate international nurses day

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. That’s why on May 12 every year, the world celebrates their contributions on International Nurses Day.

A friendship that changed the world

Professor Fred Hollows and Dr Sanduk Ruit - two great mates who revolutionised eye care

Aung and Lin's story

Aung is Lin’s full time guardian. Sadly, his ailing eyesight was forcing him to stop work and Lin was having to care for him instead of going to school.

Cam's story

Cam, a seven year old girl, had childhood bi-lateral cataract. Like so many other families in Vietnam, her family couldn't afford basic eye care.

Cesaria's Story

Many blind children in Burundi never reach their 5th birthday. Luckily, Cesaria’s grandmother got her the urgent medical attention she needed.

Craig's story

An untreated cataract in a child means they can be blind for life. Sadly, for many Indigenous communities, access to quality eye care is still a challenge.

Den's story

82-year-old Tran Thi Den has almost everything she needs to live a healthy independent life – until her world became dark because of cataract.

Dr Ruit's Story: 25 years on

Dr Ruit is an Eye Health Hero - he’s restored sight to a record 120,000 people. This is his story.

Eric's Story

Hope finds a way

Evelyn's story

When Evelyn Pultara began to lose her sight, she feared she would lose her livelihood and her ability to pass on her culture to future generations.