Giap's story

Giap is the little boy you see in The Foundation’s most iconic photo. Now grown up, Giap became the first in his family to attend university and is now a teacher.

Hao's story

Hao went blind at just five. Once a cheeky kid, he became withdrawn and couldn’t go to school. His father feared Hao would die.

Hen Vin's story

This man has been through more than any of us can ever imagine – Cambodia’s tragic past, a landmine explosion and after all of that, cataract blindness

H'Nhi's story

H’Nhi’s mum wanted a better life for her only girl. So to get H'Nhi treatment for her cataract, her family had to borrow money just to go to the eye clinic.

Kipar's story

When Kipar's family discovered his sight was treatable, Kipar and his father walked 25km in the extreme Kenyan heat to save his eyesight.

Leonides's story

Seven-year old Leonides lived every day in darkness due to childhood blindness until the day Dr.Levi removed his cataracts and changed his life.

Mai One and Yom's story

A lovely couple in Laos, Mai One and Yom experienced love at second sight after successful cataract surgery.

Nabiritha's story

Nabiritha's mother Emily had to wait seven years to get her child help. But when Nabiritha could see again, it was a moment of pure joy.

Our story: 25 years on

This is the story of how one organisation restored sight to over two million people.

Peter Datjing's story

Peter Datjing’s paintings have been revered around the world. His artwork is a window into a culture that spans generations.