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What we do What we do

What we do

The Fred Hollows Foundation has a very clear goal: we’re putting an end to avoidable blindness. When this day comes, people in developing countries will get the same quality eye care the rest of the world takes for granted – and we won’t stop until this is done.
Ending avoidable blindness Ending avoidable blindness

Ending avoidable blindness

Every time we restore someone’s sight, it also brings back their independence, ability to work, or get an education. Ending avoidable blindness through medication, surgery, education, prevention and training is a part of helping people out of poverty, which we see proof of everyday.

Indigenous Australia Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Australia

It’s an injustice that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders still don’t receive the same level of eye health care as the rest of non-Indigenous Australia. With 94% of vision loss for Indigenous Australian adults being preventable or treatable, there’s a lot to be done.

Our stories Our stories

Our stories

Fred believed in getting things done. Nothing shows the impact of our work better than the stories of people we’ve helped. These are the men, women and children whose lives are changed by the support you give and the work we do to end avoidable blindness.

Where we work Where we work

Where we work

We’re on the ground training, advocating, educating, treating and rebuilding facilities in more than 25 countries around the world. We work with our partners and local communities towards our common goal to end avoidable blindness.