The Fred Hollows Foundation has always been driven by everyday Australians wanting to keep Fred’s vision alive.

People have supported the work of The Foundation with generous donations, but have also taken Fred’s message to their local communities through fundraising events. Every dollar counts towards ending avoidable blindness and there are a number of ways you can fundraise for The Fred Hollows Foundation. You can get as creative as you like, and we appreciate anything you can do to support our work to end avoidable blindness.

Create your own fundraising event here.

Ideas to get started

Donate a Day

When it comes to birthdays or weddings, many people feel  they already have everything they need. In place of gifts, you could ask guests to donate to The Fred Hollows Foundation. Giving the gift of sight makes such a difference to so many around the world.

Donating a day is nice and easy. We have an Everyday Hero fundraising page for a variety of special occasions – simply choose the one that works best for you.

Fundraise at work or school 

Putting on an event at work or school is a great way to go about fundraising. All you need is to decide what to do.

Here are some ways people have previously supported The Fred Hollows Foundation:

  • Charity run
  • Bake sale or raffle
  • School walk-a-thon
  • Work lunch: bring a special dish and ask for a donation at the door
  • Clothes swap: ask your colleagues to bring in their unwanted clothes, and ask for a donation to participate

Create your own event           

If you’re feeling creative, go ahead and design your own fundraising event. You can grow a moustache, shave your head, set a world record, do community work or set your own physical challenge. It’s really up to you.

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some ideas to get you started:

Garage sale or market stall – put together some things you no longer need and sell them for fundraising at a garage sale, market stall or online.

Give something up – for a week or even a month, choose something to give up like coffee or your Friday night drinks. Then donate the money you’d normally spend to help restore sight around the world.

Donate part of your salary – every dollar counts. Donating as little as 5% of your salary each month makes a huge difference.

Sausage sizzle – get in touch with your local hardware store to arrange a sausage sizzle. We can provide you with receipt books, posters and flyers to help make your sausage sizzle a resounding success.

For more information, check out our Community Fundraising website.