How to host a successful BBQ fundraiser

By Renee Moussa | Posted 17/01/22

BBQ fundraisers are relatively simple and can be held all year round. It is a great way to connect to your community while raising money and awareness about an important cause, social justice movement or your favourite charity.

6 other ways to give to charity

By Tessa Bell | Posted 05/10/21

Giving to a charity is a feel good moment, but what if you don’t know where to start? Apart from donating, there are many other ways to support your favourite charity or social enterprise, and contribute to a worthy cause.

6 companies giving back to their community: CSR champions

By Bronte Phillipps | Posted 09/03/21

The for-profit sector is the backbone of the Australian economy, and when businesses take their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously, they can create lasting social change that benefits the whole society. Here are six companies who are giving back to their community.

4 fundraising heroes who'll inspire you

By Bronte Phillipps | Posted 24/02/21

Meet the everyday heroes who rose to the challenge 2020 presented to lend a helping hand to people impacted by the isolation and financial hardships caused by the pandemic.

6 fundraising ideas for sports clubs that could help you recruit new players

By Nicholas Bayliss | Posted 02/03/20

Are you a member of a sports club that’s looking to organise a community or charity fundraiser? Perhaps you’re looking for fundraising inspiration, a new take on an existing idea or you’re just after a tried and tested method that won’t require you to quit your day job to organise. Read on for more.

11 Fundraising ideas from a 10-year-old philanthropist

By Tehya | Posted 18/02/20

One of The Fred Hollows Foundation's youngest supporters Tehya began fundraising when she was just 7 years old. 3 years on and she has now shared her top 11 tips for getting started with your own fundraising. Read on for her tips.

Here's why fundraising for a charity feels so good

By Latika Mani | Posted 07/01/20

Performing a random act of kindness gives us a warm, glowing feeling that can last the entire day. And when we perform an act of charity that feel-good factor is heightened even further. Read on to discover why fundraising for a charity is the ultimate mood booster.

10 unique fundraising ideas you'll love

By Latika Mani | Posted 15/10/19

Are you thinking of hosting a fundraising event but don’t want to ask for money outright? Here are 10 fresh fundraising ideas that you’re going to love.

How to host an outdoor movie night fundraiser

By Latika Mani | Posted 04/10/19

Everyone is slowly shaking off their winter habit of hibernating indoors and getting ready to embrace the great outdoors. Before they all fill up their social calendar, pencil them in to join you for an outdoor movie night fundraiser event.

Host a movie night fundraiser in 10 simple steps

By Latika Mani | Posted 02/10/19

Gather your family, friends, neighbours or co-workers together for a fun movie night fundraiser at your local cinema. Raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation and help to restore sight to those that are needlessly blind – all in one night!