The following tributes are from family and friends in memory of those who have left a bequest to The Foundation.

Malcolm James Hood
The late Malcom James Hood left us a gift in his Will and his executors Patricia McCauley and Julie Murray sent us a little bit about Malcom’s wonderful life, which we would be honoured to share as a tribute to his generous contribution:  

“Malcolm was an eminent academic, a champion of applied mathematics, a skilled wood worker, a lover of classical music. Malcolm’s generosity of spirit is evident in the number of amateur organisations which he helped steer through the shoals of membership fees and other jobs which most of us were intimidated by. He was on the committees of The Friends of the University Library, the Nedlands branch of the Australian Seniors Association, and the WA Theatre Organ Society.”

Joy Heather Granger
We are so grateful to the late Joy Granger for the gift she left The Foundation in her Will. Joy’s cousins Ian and Gail Brewer gave us an insight into Joy’s life and we are delighted to be able to share part of it as a token of our appreciation:

“Joy was quite the fashionista in her day, and very skilfully made her own clothes and hats. She loved animals and had several pets over the years. Joy loved her family and particularly enjoyed seeing the younger generations in her extended family. She was very generous in giving to charity and this has now been borne out in her Will. This is her legacy.”

Robert Lubout Memorial Trust
“The Robert Lubout Memorial Trust was established following his death in 1993. Its purpose has been the allocation of funds to organisations working to benefit Australia's less fortunate. Robert, a Senior Industrial Officer, had worked tirelessly in both his personal & professional lives in the promotion of fairness, equity and justice for all. 

In 2017 the Trust chose The Fred Hollows Foundation as a most worthy recipient and therefore have donated over $31,000 to the Australian Indigenous Programs.”

Paul Lubout. The Foundation is grateful to the Trust for this generous donation.

Nancy Jean Murray
It is because of people like the late Nancy Jean Murray that Fred’s vision, of a world where no one is needlessly blind, lives on. On behalf of the people whose lives have been transformed by her generous gift - we say thank you.

Jennie Wiles, Nancy’s niece and executor, kindly sent a few words about her aunt:

“When Nancy decided to include The Fred Hollows Foundation in her Will, she decided that her legacy would be to change people’s lives by giving them the gift of sight. Nancy and her late husband Bruce were supporters of The Foundation and cared deeply for the cause.”

William (Bill) George Rundell
Thank you to the late William George Rundell for his commitment to The Fred Hollows Foundation by generously leaving us a gift in his Will. His gift will go a long way towards restoring sight to many people suffering with avoidable blindness around the world.

His granddaughter Patricia Rundell-Bettridge has kindly shared a bit about his life:

“During World War II Bill served in the Pacific Islands and saw first-hand the terrible toll eye related issues had on the local population. Prior to his passing at the age of 91, he made it clear that he wished to make a bequest in his Will to the Fred Hollows Foundation to improve the lives of those people living with avoidable blindness in the Pacific and beyond."

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