Become a regular giver today Become a regular giver today
4 out of 5 people who are blind don't need to be

Become a regular giver today

Your donation makes a difference
Every eye is an eye Every eye is an eye

Every eye is an eye

Fred Hollows believed in eye care for everyone, regardless of wealth or status. We're continuing his work to end avoidable blindness but we need your regular help to do even more. 

Why become a regular giver? Why become a regular giver?

Why become a regular giver?

Easy and cost effective
When you join our monthly giving program, you are choosing the most effective way to help us end avoidable blindness. 

We know that the best way to tackle avoidable blindness is to work with communities to create long-term eye care solutions. But these solutions aren't possible without a steady income to let us plan and roll-out effective solutions like training, education, and upgrading eye hospitals. That's why we need your regular support.  

$25 is all it takes
 A monthly gift of as little as $25 to support long-term eye care can help us transform the future of entire communities.

Video Video
Watch video
Ethiopia is in an eye health crisis. The excruciating eye disease trachoma threatens to infect over 76 million people – especially women and children. Help us today by becoming a regular giver.

How your donations help

Restore sight for people like Cesaria Restore sight for people like Cesaria

Restore sight for people like Cesaria

Blind from birth
Three-year old Cesaria was blind from birth, and her chances of surviving until her fifth birthday were slim. Her parents abandoned her soon after she was born, and her grandmother Veronica stepped in to raise her instead. With only $4 a day to live on, Veronica couldn’t afford the vital surgery that would give Cesaria her sight. 

...until we stepped in 
Burundi’s only paediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Levi, performed Cesaria’s much-needed operation. When Cesaria realised she could see, her joyous giggle said it all. See her full story here.

Where does your money go?

We believe in transparency

We spend your money wisely and effectively. For every $1 you donate, 74 cents will be spent on sight-saving programs and community education. 

Keep Fred's vision alive

It's easy to become a regular giver 


  • Visit our Donations page.
  • Select the “Donate monthly” option
  • Choose your Donation amount
  • Click Donate now and choose a credit card or direct debit option. 
Over the phone 
  • Call 1800 352 352 and have your credit card or direct debit details ready.


We’ll keep you updated 

As a regular giver, your support is invaluable and your donation has a real impact on the lives of those we help. We’ll regularly update you on how your money is making a difference.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to hear more about where your money is going, call our Supporter Services Team on 1800 352 352.
As always, we respect the privacy of all our donors and will only communicate with you when you wish.


Your donations are tax-deductible 

At the end of every financial year, we’ll send you a tax deductible receipt for all your gifts to The Fred Hollows Foundation over the past financial year.

$25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight $25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

Help us end avoidable blindness

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