Be a part of making change

At The Fred Hollows Foundation, we’re working towards ending avoidable blindness and improving the eye health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We’re inspired by the work and life of our founder, Professor Fred Hollows, and his mission for everyone to exercise their right to quality and easily accessible eye care.

The Foundation’s human rights based approach and unwavering support in addressing inequality in health, through an eye health lens, inspires me every day.
- Jaki Adams-Barton, Manager, Indigenous Australia Program

We’re a development organisation, working across the world and here at home, focusing on creating sustainable change and ending avoidable blindness. We primarily work on eye diseases like cataract, trachoma and diabetic retinopathy, making sure prevention, screening and treatment is more readily accessible in remote and underserved areas. We work with governments to better implement eye health systems and train local doctors, nurses and health workers to help their communities.

Being a national staff member in Cambodia, I witness the smiles of people in our community who have had their sight restored or improved by the work of The Foundation, and that makes me so proud.
- Meng Sokkheng, Finance and Operations Manager, Cambodia

Our values

To keep us true to the spirit of the organisation, we have a set of values that everyone at The Foundation embraces.

Integrity: we stand up for what’s right

  • Work alongside the poorest and most marginalised
  • Do what we say we will do
  • Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards

Empowerment: we make a difference

  • Enable people to take action themselves
  • Listen, learn and share information
  • Strengthen capacity for the long term

Collaboration: we are stronger together

  • Deeply respect the strengths of those we work with
  • Partner with others to achieve more
  • Embrace diversity and have fun

Action: we focus on results

  • Seek smarter ways to have greater impact
  • Take bold, considered risks to achieve our vision faster
  • Lead in advocacy, innovation and research
I am empowered by the available space and resources that enable credible engagement with our implementing partners.
- Carmichael Nduri, Senior Program Manager, Kenya