Pre-qualification of suppliers Pre-qualification of suppliers

Pre-qualification of suppliers

Anticipated term 2019 - 2021

The Fred Hollows Foundation Kenya has supported eye health services through government health facilities since 2004, with a particular focus on cataract and trachoma and diabetic retinopathy, which are the leading causes of avoidable blindness in the country.

It’s estimated there are 328,000 blind people in Kenya, with another 750,000 visually impaired.

The Fred Hollows Foundation Kenya is working with the Government of Kenya to improve health services. Our focus is on the rural areas where 80 per cent of the population live and where access to health services is extremely limited due to finite resources and financial allocation for eye health.

The Foundation also recognizes the importance of our suppliers and supply chains in supporting our work in equitable and accessible eye health outcomes.

The Foundation seeks to work with duly qualified and capable organizations and individuals. The Foundation is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) through a pre-qualification assessment process for existing and potentially new suppliers, across a range of different categories (see below).

Successful pre-qualification outcomes will progress to a competitive process and award (either as a preferred supplier or as a part of a panel of preferred suppliers, category dependent) for the duration of the financial years 2019-2021.

  1. Interested suppliers are able to download the detailed Instructions for Response document here.
  2. All communicaiton, questions or clarifications must be in writing and emailed to the dedicated email address [email protected]
  3. Suppliers can submit their bid response(s) via the dedicated email address [email protected] with the category code(s) being the applied for as the subject, and/or in hardcopy format, compliant with the ‘Instructions For Response’ in the physical tender box (address upon application).
  4. To qualify as a compliant response, confirmation of payment of the non-refundable administration fee (details provided via the dedicated email address when legitamacy of the EOI has been verified) to accompany the submission of bid response(s).
  5. The closing date and time for application is Friday 12th October 2018 at 11:00a.m.
  6. Existing suppliers are particularly encouraged to re-apply.

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification. Women and youth owned enterprises are especially encouraged to apply.

*N.B This is a correction to the Daily Nation advertisement
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