Dr. Tabin worked with former HCP trainee Dr. John Nkurikiye and Dr. Ciku Mathenge of the Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology at an outreach in Gisenyi, Rwanda, where they provided 153 cataract surgeries. Almost all of the patients treated were totally blind prior to the surgery, as there is no ophthalmologist in this region of the country.
HCP and Dr. Nkurikiye have a long history together. Dr Nkurikiye’s participated in an HCP-supported cornea fellowship in India, Nepal and the US in 2007 while Dr. Tabin travels frequently to Rwanda to work with Dr. Nkurikiye, lecturing and participating in cornea and cataract clinics.


During his time in Kenya, Dr. Tabin worked with Dr. Dan Kiage, glaucoma specialist and Medical Director and Founder of Innovation Eye Centre. Together, they were able to provide 101 cataract surgeries as well as corneal transplant surgeries. Innovation Eye Centre is located in Kisii in Central Kenya and is committed to providing state of the art care to the poorest of the poor.