Nearly 25 years ago, Tran Van Giap was going blind. Now he's a maths teacher and the photograph of his face is recognisable to many Australians in the iconic photo of The Fred Hollows Foundation. 

In this photo, Giap is shy, scared little boy, thrust in to the arms of Fred Hollows by his desperate father. 

Fred Hollows was on his last visit to Vietnam, but on that trip, he knew he had to help Giap. Giap's right eye had been badly damaged by shard of glass lodged in it two years earlier. His father made 170km trip to Hanoi's Institute for Ophthalmology in the hope of saving his son's eyesight. 

Giap got the help he needed and his life has taken a happy turn. 

Gabi Hollows recently travelled to Vietnam and says that the path Giap has taken represents the development of The Foundation in Vietnam. 

It couldn't have happened without the support of our donors - but there's still more to be done. 

From as little as £11 can help restore sight in many countries around the world. 

The Telegraph's Sue Dunlevy joined Gabi Hollows in Vietnam to cover this story.