All Craig wanted was to play footy with his mates, but he couldn't see well enough because of his cataract. Craig was diagnosed when he was just a toddler. They’re rare in children, but if not found and treated early enough, cataract can lead to blindness for life.
Craig is from a small remote community on the border of Queensland and the Northern Territory – one of several Fred visited on the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program in the 1970s.

Craig and his family had to travel 14 hours to Alice Springs for the life changing surgery needed to restore his sight. The ophthalmologist there inserted intraocular lenses to help Craig’s vision, exactly like the ones Fred used many years ago.
The surgery was a great success. Now, Craig can play footy without getting hurt. He's also improving at school. And, most importantly, he doesn't feel different to the rest of his friends and he can just enjoy being a kid.