Ruth and Rosa Hollows grew up with the stories of their dad, but had never seen his work up close.

Ruth and Rosa were only toddlers when Fred died, but one of the things they did get to experience with Fred and Gabi was to visit Nepal. They were too young to remember much, and so, as adults, they wanted to return. Not only to be a part of keeping their father’s vision alive, but to make some memories of Fred for themselves.
The sisters travelled to Nepal to visit a remote eye camp run by Fred’s old friend and colleague, Dr Ruit. All of the pieces of the Fred puzzle – the stories, pictures and videos from over the years – began to fit together. 

It was really special to watch Dad’s great mate Dr Ruit, who, together with Dad, brought modern cataract surgery to the developing world.
- Ruth Hollows

Each year, Dr Ruit’s eye camp is held at the picturesque Pullahari Monastery. Hundreds of Nepalese travel for hours, sometimes days, to receive the cataract surgery they desperately need, but can’t access in their remote mountain villages. Helping the Nepalese people was particularly special to Fred, so it was even more poignant that Ruth and Rosa were able to experience his work in this beautiful place.
Now as adults, Ruth and Rosa can fully appreciate the enormity of what their dad set out to achieve. While they might not be able to remember him, visiting Nepal to witness his legacy, Dr Ruit in action, and the unforgettable moment of removing a patient’s patches, is a memory that Ruth and Rosa will always share of Fred, together. 

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$25 can restore sight

$25 can restore sight

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