Cover photo: Gabi Hollows, Tran Van Giap and Michael Amendolia in Ho Chi Minh City. 

The General Secretariat of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has officially announced the release of the latest edition of the 'HIPA Magazine.' Published in Arabic and English, the UAE-based magazine cover featured the avoidable blindness cause. 

In the cover story "Restoring the Sights of 3 million people - Through the Lens of Michael Amendolia". Fred's Photographer, Michael Amendolia, has been featured on the cover page of the UAE-based magazine HIPA for its September edition.

HIPA recognition of Michael included one of his iconic photographs of trachoma on the magazine's cover, along with an eight-page feature that highlighted Michael's relationship with Prof. Fred, the role of photojournalists can play in addressing development causes just like eye health.  
Gabi Hollows, Founding Director of The Fred Hollows Foundation said, "The Fred Hollows Foundation is excited to collaborate with HIPA Magazine to address avoidable blindness through the power of photography. The photographs have been captured by Australian-based photographer Michael Amendolia, who has worked with The Fred Hollows Foundation over the past 30 years.

I think Photographers play an important role in the humanitarian and development sectors. Working in collaboration with like-minded organisations such as HIPA enables us to have a greater impact in addressing avoidable blindness by helping the audience understand the profound impact of restoring sight and transforming lives. As the saying goes, 'a picture tells a thousand words'."  
His Excellency Ali Khalifa bin Thalith, the Secretary-General of HIPA and Editor-in-Chief of HIPA magazine, commented, "We remain committed to this ambitious and knowledge-sharing project, made possible through the exceptional efforts of the dedicated HIPA team. Our aim is to promote and convey the true essence of photography.

In this publication, we've explored various ideas, schools of thought, and trends within the field of photography, both at the local and international levels. Furthermore, we've engaged in discussions about pioneering experiences, exceptional creativity, and have shed light on numerous outstanding talents in the world of photography, not only within the UAE but also across different regions worldwide." 
Bin Thalith added, "In this edition, we've focused on the winning entries from the 'Nature' season, providing insight into the hard work and dedication behind these success stories. We understand the profound impact such stories have on amateur photographers, inspiring and motivating them while instilling hope and self-confidence.

Additionally, we've included a special feature addressing a concern shared by photographers of all backgrounds—the transition from being a hobbyist to becoming a 'business' photographer. The cover story celebrates the International Day of Charity, and we've dedicated it to photography communities worldwide, encouraging them to further comprehend the influential role of photography and its power to make a positive impact on humanity as a whole." 
Gabi Hollows added, "The photographer's eyes are a powerful asset to tell stories. In the last 30 years, photography has helped us to translate emotions, demonstrate our impact, bring a story to life, and connect audiences with patients they will never meet. One image can inspire and mobilise people to take action.

Michael Amendolia has helped us to inspire and mobilise people to support eye health causes around the world. For example, Azmera is on the magazine's cover, and her picture helped convey the impact of trachoma in Ethiopia. We have been using her portrait around the world in our efforts to eliminate trachoma." 

Bin Thalith emphasised, "HIPA Magazine is dedicated to providing added value to photographers and individuals interested in various forms of visual arts. We take great care in curating content that combines knowledge, humanity, visual aesthetics, and concise information, with the goal of inspiring photographers to create impact and share powerful stories.

We extend a warm invitation to individuals from all corners of the globe to visit the HIPA website, explore this edition of the magazine in both languages, and share their thoughts, comments, and suggestions. We also welcome those with exceptional experiences in the world of photography to participate in upcoming editions." 

The magazine will be available for direct download from the official HIPA website and can be easily shared across various social media platforms in a user-friendly PDF format. 

Read the english version here.

Photo credit: The Fred Hollows Foundation