To mark our 25th anniversary, The Fred Hollows Foundation created a powerful exhibition for Vivid Sydney 2017. This unique journey into darkness left visitors with an new appreciation for sight.

The Gift of Sight at Vivid Sydney 2017

The incredible artworks, created with special ultra-violet paints, were invisible to the naked eye, with visitors only able to discover the striking images and intricate designs using a UV flashlight. Each artwork illustrated the theme ‘the wonder of sight’ in a different way. 

Below are a few photos showing our participating artists hard at work creating their masterpieces. 



The Gift of Sight featured artists and illustrators:

  • Anthony Calvert
  • Anthony Lister
  • Aroha Groves
  • Bryan Itch
  • Buff Diss
  • ​Buttons
  • Christian Vine
  • Dan Cydes
  • David Lee Perira
  • Lotte Smith
  • Martin E Wills
  • Megan Hales
  • Michael Birchall
  • Mulga
  • Not Not Camscott
  • Shannon Crees
  • Skullavera (Paul Settecasse)
  • Tim Phibs
  • Xander ‘Knoswet’ Zee

Vivid Sydney is the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas, which for 23 days, transforms the Harbour City every year with its unique colourful, creative canvas. In 2016 Vivid Sydney attracted a record 2.31 million attendees.  

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