Currently 43 million people around the world are blind and 1.1 billion live with some form of vision loss. About 90 per cent of those affected live in low-income and middle-income countries, and most cannot get the care they need. 

The problem is aggravated by the spread of COVID-19. The economic downturn has made it even harder for visually impaired and blind patients to afford simple operations and treatments.

Grace from Kenya was hit in the eye by a rock when she was a child. The trauma caused a blinding cataract in that eye. It left her struggling to provide for her three children.
But the hardest part of her life was knowing that her 7-year-old son Nicholas was blind too.

Grace couldn’t see well enough to protect Nicholas and was anxious for his future. His body is scarred from accidents and falls. He even disappeared one day, and Grace suspected the worst.

Luckily, Nicholas was found by a teacher and brought home unharmed. He had followed other children to school because he wanted to be just like them. But the teacher told Grace that he couldn’t learn – he was blind.

There are no local eye health services and the eye hospital that treats children is far away. Trapped by poverty and distance, Grace used to pray every night for a miracle to save Nicholas.

No matter how hard she worked, Grace couldn’t afford the surgery Nicholas needed to stop him being blind forever. Then someone like you answered her prayers.

Your gifts help us train eye health ambassadors who visit remote areas in Kenya, like the village where Grace lives.

One of these ambassadors told Grace that supporters of The Foundation would pay for Nicholas’ eye surgery. And that they would help her too.

Why is it important to save sight?

Blindness is more than a health issue. It is also a social and economic problem.  It is especially difficult for patients living in poverty and remote areas to seek medical help. 

Some patients may not have enough understanding of eye diseases which can be treated easily, such as cataract, trachoma and refractive errors. The expensive treatment and transport cost may deter some patients from going to see a doctor. 

It can also be challenging for hospitals and clinics to provide simple eye services to patients. There may not be enough experienced medical staff and the facilities have to depend on ad hoc visits of eye professionals from outside their area. Insufficient equipment and modern technology also make it hard to provide regular and stable eye services.  

Your donation changes lives

The Fred Hollows Foundation estimates that every $1 invested in ending avoidable blindness can create four times economic benefits.

Your monthly donation will create bigger impacts:

  • A monthly donation of HKD180 can restore sight to one person each month
  • A monthly donation of HKD200 can help to set up an eye screening camp in a remote area
  • A monthly donation of HKD250 can help train an eye surgeon to perform as many as 1,000 operations each year


  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes! A receipt is available for donations of HKD100 or more.

  • Will I get a receipt?

    Yes! For one-off donations, we will email donation receipts immediately. Receipts for monthly donations will be mailed in April every year.

  • What will my donation be used for?

    Your donation could be used to restore someone’s sight, but it may also go towards a range of other program activities like training surgeons or eye health workers. All of the work we do aims to build capacity in developing countries to create sustainable public eye health systems so your donation will help thousands of people in their communities into the future. 

  • What methods of payment are accepted?

    We welcome the use of Visa、Mastercard、American Express and Union Pay. You can use PayPal and credit cards for one-off donations.  You can also use credit cards or direct debit for monthly donations.

  • How do I update my details?

    Please get in touch with [email protected] with the subject line ‘updating my personal details’ or call 852 3614 6240. Our Supporter Services team will be able to help you with this.

  • Are there any other donation methods?

    You can also make the donation by the following methods:

    ONE-OFF Donation.
    By Cheque:
    Please make the cheque payable to “The Fred Hollows Foundation (HK) Limited” together with the donation form and send to us at Room 811 8/F Office Plus @Prince Edward, 794-802 Nathan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong
    By Bank Direct Transfer:
    Please deposit the donation to our account at HSBC 848-423240-001. To obtain an official receipt, please post your bank transfer receipt together with the donation form to our office or email to [email protected] 

    By Credit Card
    Please fill in the donation form and send to us at Room 811 8/F Office Plus @Prince Edward, 794-802 Nathan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong or email to  [email protected] 
    Monthly Donation
    Credit card  / Direct debit authorisation: Please fill in the monthly donation form and send to us at Room 811 8/F Office Plus @Prince Edward, 794-802 Nathan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong or email to [email protected] 

Thank you very much for your donation!
Your one-off donation receipt is on the way but mail service may be delayed because of the pandemic.
Your monthly donation receipt will be delivered to you in April every year.
Please contact us if you have any questions.