International Women's Day 2024

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 08/03/24

Count Her In: Invest in women, accelerate progress.

The Fred Hollows Foundation launches in Singapore

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 01/02/24

The Fred Hollows Foundation has opened a regional office in Singapore to provide greater outreach to the increasing number of needlessly blind people in Southeast Asia.

5 facts about Charitable Tax Deduction

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 01/02/24

The 2023/2024 tax year is coming to an end. Here's everything you need to know about charitable tax deductions.

7 easy tips to care for your child's eye health

By Dr May Ho | Posted 15/01/24

Eye health plays a crucial role in a child's development and overall well-being, and with a few simple habits, parents can ensure that their children have healthy eyes throughout their lives. Learn more about how parents can care for their children's eye health.

The gift of sight transformed H’nhi’s life

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 12/12/23

In central Vietnam, the dedicated team from Phu Yen Eye Hospital and The Fred Hollows Foundation have recently reunited with H'Nhi and her family. Over a decade ago, The Foundation supported H'Nhi in accessing life-changing cataract surgery. The precious gift of sight has meant the world to her.

Public-Private Collaboration to Promote Integrated People-Centred Eye Care in Inner Mongolia

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 01/12/23

The Fred Hollows Foundation partners with a private hospital group on an integrated people-centred eye care project, will scope a sustainable, scalable and replicable Public-NGO-Private-Partnership model to meet current and future eye health needs of the people of Inner Mongolia.

Why do my eyes look and feel tired?

By Dr Lila Raj Puri | Posted 28/11/23

Tired feeling and tired looking eyes are a common occurrence, especially among people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or mobile device. Read on to learn more about why your eyes might look and feel tired.

How To Protect Your Eyes From Excessive Screen Time

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 18/10/23

Working from home means that we typically spend a significant amount of time in front of screens and while it’s made our lives easier in some regards, excessive screen time can be harmful to our eyes. Prolonged screen time can cause eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and even headaches.

Promoting Healthy Vision for Safety, Productivity, and Well-being in the Workplace

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 27/09/23

Maintaining healthy vision is crucial for workplace safety, productivity, and overall well-being. World Sight Day 2023, themed "Love your eyes at work," draws attention to the importance of eye health in the workplace.

The Fred Hollows Foundation Hong Kong introduces its first local program

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 24/08/23

The Fred Hollows Foundation Hong Kong and Impact HK organized an eye screening event to address the eye health problems faced by the homeless and socially-disadvantaged in Hong Kong.