The Story of Shradhdha

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 04/04/23

With her beautiful dark brown eyes and infectious smile, six-year-old Shradhdha enjoys singing, dancing, and playing with her friends. For the past year, Shradhdha has been losing her eyesight. Fortunately, Shradhdha’s case was diagnosed when an eye screening campaign visited her school.

International Women's Day: Celebrating Women in Eye Health 

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 08/03/23

Meet three inspiring women in eye health

5 facts about Charitable Tax Deduction

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 01/03/23

Everything you need to know about charitable tax deductions

The Fred Hollows Humanity Award ended successfully!

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 11/08/22

With the support of our society, The Fred Hollows Foundation Humanity Award was a success. Thanks to the active participation of the students, we received more than 360 applications this year. Among them, 17 individuals or groups were awarded at a ceremony on 6 August at Plaza Hollywood.


By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 13/04/22

Dawit Kahsay Debesai is from Eritrea, Africa. He left his country and came to study education at The University of Hong Kong supported by a scholarship in 2018. Since his graduation, Dawit has been working as a Project Manager at Africa Center Hong Kong. Dawit also happens to be connected to The Fre

Eye care, glasses should be included in our social insurance scheme

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 25/02/22

Life expectancy is increasing in Cambodia, with more people approaching the age of 60. Changing lifestyles have also caused an increase in demand for these services.

Why immediate action on climate matters to eye health for all, but especially women and girls

By Louisa Syrett & Brooke Blanchard | Posted 02/11/21

The economic, social, and cultural norms that make women and girls in low- and middle-income countries more susceptible to poverty, are the same factors that put them at greater risk of vision impairment and climate change related events.

On World Sight Day, let’s open our eyes to preventable blindness

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 15/10/21

An estimated 1.1 billion people live with vision impairment primarily because they have no access to eye-care services. About 90 per cent of the people affected live in low- and middle-income countries.

Get to know The Fred Hollows Foundation with Laura Lee

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 11/10/21

As the Chief Representative of The Fred Hollows Foundation’s Hong Kong and ASEAN headquarters, Laura Lee is passionate about bringing more attention to eye health across the city and globally.

How training improves a country's eye health

By The Fred Hollows Foundation | Posted 30/07/21

Because of the training by Fred Hollows in the 1990s, people who live in the mountains to the plains to the rivers, can now benefit from a technique that was before only for rich people.