To raise awareness about avoidable blindness on World Sight Day 2018, snooker champion Ng On-yee, singer Andy Leung, actress Cecilia So and professional boxer Rex Tso support The Fred Hollows Foundation by championing the values of its work in Facebook videos.

Restaurant Chiu Ball is also supporting efforts to end avoidable blindness worldwide by matching HKD$10 to each new likes on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

As a result of population growth and ageing, the number of people living with blindness could triple worldwide by 2050 if no further action is taken.

This year, World Sight Day – an annual day of awareness about blindness and vision impairment – is being held on 11 October in 2018 and The Fred Hollows Foundation is leading the way in Hong Kong with the #EyeCareICare campaign.

The Fred Hollows Foundation values collaboration, action, integrity and empowerment in its daily work to end avoidable blindness.

Andy Leung believes that “collaboration” is important as he sees it in his singing career too.
“The audience may only see me in a music video but there is a whole crew working behind the scene to make it happen,” he says.

Andy says The Fred Hollows Foundation works together with doctors and community health workers to bring light and hope to patients.

Ng On-yee believes action is needed to make a dream come true. She recalls nearly losing a match by 60 points but she reminded herself not to give up and turned defeat to victory. The Fred Hollows Foundation faces similar challenges but takes decisive action to restore sight to people who need it most.

Actress Cecilia So believes that integrity is an important value that has helped her achieve her career goals. The Fred Hollows Foundation, as a professional eye development organisation, also acts with integrity to restore sight to our patients.

Boxing champion and wonder kid Rex Tso understands the importance of good eye sight – it has enabled him to dream big. That’s why Rex supports The Foundation’s work in remote areas to help bring back sight to people in need.

Singer Kay Tse believes in working hard to achieve your goals. The Fred Hollows Foundation works to end avoidable blindness. Together we can work towards the goal of restoring sight to more people.

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