A new cooking show created by the Indigenous community of Wugularr, in the Northern Territory, aims to encourage healthy eating habits.

The show, Shepherd’s Pie with Auguie and Major, is inspired by a cookbook that Top End women’s groups produced last year, with support from The Foundation.

During the 12-minute program, presenters Auguie and Major prepare enough shepherd’s pie to feed 10 hungry people. Along with step-by-step instructions to cook a healthy, nutritious meal, they offer viewers tips on food safety and hygiene.

Djilpin Arts Aboriginal Corporation in Wugularr produced the pilot episode, in collaboration with the Wugularr women’s group and wider community.

The featured shepherd’s pie recipe is from The Foundation’s cookbook, Kukumbat gudwan daga (Really cooking good food).

It is a favourite dish of the Wugularr community. Other recipes from the book, which includes spaghetti and kangaroo tail stew, will be demonstrated in upcoming episodes of the cooking show.

The DVD is now being distributed with the cookbook to Indigenous communities across Australia.

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