On 6 June, The Fred Hollows Foundation and partner hospitals celebrated National Eye Care Day in China with a series of activities with school children and parents to raise awareness about myopia.
This year’s National Eye Care Day theme was “Correct myopia scientifically; care for children’s eye health”.

Figures from China’s National Health Commission show that more than 450 million people, or one in nearly three people, have myopia in the country. China also has the greatest incidence of people with myopia in the world. Alarmingly, myopia is affecting children at younger ages as a result of academic pressure combined with a lack of outdoor activities.
To increase awareness on National Eye Care Day, The Fred Hollows Foundation organised a series of activities with partner hospitals and schools in Yunnan, Gansu and Xinjiang. Students were screened for students and parents and young people participated in discussions about eye health. Students were urged to have eyes screened on a regular basis.
There are very easy steps which help to keep our eyes easy. Check if you have done these:
  1. Do more outdoor activities and look at the surrounding environment
  2. Rest your eyes after reading or using the computer for a long time
  3. Maintain good posture by sitting upright and using a chair and desk of suitable height
  4. Eat well and get enough vitamins and minerals  
  5. Have regular eye checks to identify needs and help as early as possible