It is scandalous that these nineteenth century diseases of poverty should continue.” Fred Hollows, 1974.

Politicians around Australia are publically declaring their support to end Trachoma by 2020 by signing the pledge.

Trachoma is a blinding infectious eye disease occurring in communities with poor hygiene and living conditions.

While Trachoma is treatable and preventable, Australia remains the only developed country in the world where the disease still exists in endemic proportions.

This lists us alongside countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan. Trachoma still exists in two thirds of remote Aboriginal communities, primarily in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

We’re on track to eliminate Trachoma by the year 2020, working alongside Indigenous communities, the Australian Government and our partner organisations.

However, to reach this target it is essential that Australia sustains its focus on this issue.

MPs and Senators around Australia are signing the pledge to end trachoma, declaring their support for this important mission. Follow their movement on twitter.

It’s time to finish the job that Fred set out to do. Let’s #EndTrachomaNow.