The Fred Hollows Foundation has kicked off a social media campaign to find the world’s happiest TV advertisement.

The campaign coincides with the release of The Foundation’s latest commercial, which will premiere on Australian television from tomorrow, November 5.

“We really wanted to make an advertisement that was happy, uplifting and inspiring because those are the feelings that come with restoring sight,” said The Foundation’s Director of Public Affairs, David Britton.

“Everyone who is part of supporting our work deserves to share those feelings and we hope that’s what this ad achieves,” said Britton.

“Charity ads can often be confronting, and sometimes they have to be, because people need to be aware of what’s going on in the world,” Britton said.

“But people also deserve to know all of the great things that are possible because of their support. It’s not all doom and gloom and terrific things are happening because of the generosity of Australians across the country,” Britton said.

The Foundation has asked supporters to share the world’s happiest advertisements on its Facebook page and via YouTube.

“We think we have had a go at making the world’s happiest TV ad, but we’d love to see the other great, happy advertisements that are out there,” said Britton.