The JC Happiness Charity Foundation supports The Fred Hollows Foundation by donating proceeds from a newly launched lipstick line.
Co-founded by Dr Christy Wo and entrepreneur Joseph Rodarick Law, The JC Happiness Charity Foundation aims to bring joy, wisdom and peace to the world. Their mission to eliminate poverty, promote education, and focus on medical care aligns with the vision of The Fred Hollows Foundation.
For each lipstick sold by Crisathena, which is also owned by Dr Wo, HKD$150 will be donated to The Foundation for sight restoration in 25 countries.
"JC Happiness is aware of work done by The Fred Hollows Foundation to train doctors, organize eye camps, and provide medical treatment and equipment for those in need. All these are done to restore vision for adults so that they can return to work, and children can go to school. We hope that more people can restore their sight and we believe that healthy vision can help lift poverty," said Dr Wo.
Chief Representative, HK and ASEAN of The Fred Hollows Foundation, Laura Lee, thanked JC Happiness and Crisathena for their generous support.
“Crisathena provided a good example for the business community to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities. We are very happy to leverage the creativity and network of JC Happiness and Crisathena to share hope to more people around the world. We invite the public to join us in the work of sight restoration, and we are very grateful for the support of Dr Wo," said Laura Lee.
Log into to get your lipstick. For each lipstick sold, Crisathena will donate HKD$150 to support The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Crisathena 履行社會企業責任From left: The Fred Hollows Foundation Chief Representative - HK and ASEAN Laura Lee, Deputy Consul-General Ryan Neelam, former President of Kering Asia Pacific Mimi Tang, film actress Irene Wan, founders of JC Happiness Charity Foundation Christy Wo and Joseph Rodarick Law, and director Raymond Wong.