The Fred Hollows Foundation is pleased to announce the election of Les Fallick as the new Chairman of its Board.

"I will endeavor to do a great job - for Gabi, for Fred and for The Foundation's goals," Les said at The Foundation's Annual General Meeting.

Les brings a wealth of skills and expertise to The Foundation. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Principle Advisory Services Pty Ltd as well as the Chairman of Miller & Associates (Australia), Deputy Chairman of the Nimrod Group in the United Kingdom and a Director of Infrastructure Capital Group.

He also has considerable experience in the not-for-profit sector - most recently chairing the Carbon Advisory Board for Greening Australia.

"From my experience of The Foundation, it's a wonderful organisation. The Fred Hollows Foundation is a very sharp instrument with massive leverage and I hope to use that sharp instrument and that fantastic leverage to continue Fred's work," Les said.

Les succeeds Andrew Want, who was Chairman of The Fred Hollows Foundation from 2007. Andrew now leads Rounding Mark Pty Limited, a private consultancy and investment firm specialising in sustainable business and investment.

"Andrew has made a great contribution to The Foundation," Deputy Chair Michael Johnson said.

"His leadership as Chair has seen The Foundation double in size and effectiveness."

"All of the people who can see better today because of Andrew's work, I think all of them would agree, he heard Fred's call and he did better."

Also departing The Foundation's Board is Dr David Moran. David has sat on the Board since 2005. He first met Fred Hollows in the mid 1970s, when he was working as a medical student in Wilcannia, New South Wales. He then worked for two years with Fred Hollows as an epidemiologist with the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program.

"It really is a great privilege to have been and to continue to be associated with this extraordinary group of people, some for 36 years now," David said.

"I continue to be humbled by them as people and as workers."

The Foundation also welcomes Jamie La Nauze and Graham Skeates as new members of the Board.