Nasiragar has become the first sub-district of Bangladesh to carry out regular cataract operations, thanks to The Foundation’s upgrade of a local health clinic.
Prior to the renovation of the Upazila Health Complex in Nasirnagar, patients living outside the nearest major city of Brahmanbaria needed to travel large distances for sight-restoring surgery. The high cost of transport, accommodation and surgery prevented many people from receiving vital eye care.In keeping with The Foundation’s commitment to bring eye services closer to where people live, Nasirnagar was chosen in 2009 as a pilot infrastructure project to upgrade facilities so that surgical procedures could be performed locally.

Following major works on its operating theatre and outpatient departments, Upazila Health Complex opened its doors late last year.

A total of 37 people received sight restoring surgery during the first operating days of the clinic.

The upgrade has led to an increase in the number of patients presenting for eye examinations. The health complex has gained a reputation as an outstanding facility for cataract procedures, housing the most modern equipment.

Nasirnagar is one of the few sub-districts with cataract surgery facilities.

Avoidable blindness is a major health problem in Bangladesh. According to one survey, around 7.5 million people aged 30 and above, and up to 40,000 children, live with vision difficulties.

The Foundation is working with the Government of Bangladesh on the National Eye Care Plan to eliminate avoidable blindness in the country by the year 2020.

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