Through the support of The Foundation a new multi-storey eye hospital has opened in Hue, Vietnam.

The facility services a population of well over one million people from the surrounding region. Up to 200 outpatients and 100 inpatients can be diagnosed, treated and accommodated each day in the new hospital. 

The facility also features new ophthalmology equipment, assisting doctors and health care workers to better screen and treat patients.

This new hospital was desperately needed by the people of Hue, as the previous facility was under the constant threat of flooding. During such times, it was necessary to elevate many of the administrators' and surgeons' desks and equipment one metre off the ground to prevent water damage.

Last year in Vietnam The Foundation supported 15,722 cataract operations, and is committed to transforming the lives of individuals and families by supporting local training programs for eye care personnel, providing vital medical equipment, and subsidising surgery for those who cannot afford it.

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