Pakistan is home to one of the most successful sight restoring programs in the developing world. More than 4 million people have received assistance from The Fred Hollows Foundation since 1998.

The Foundation and its partners have halved the rate of blindness in Pakistan
329,800 people have received sight saving operations
More than 8,500 staff have been trained.

Since 1998, The Foundation has screened over four million people and 253,019 have had their sight restored through cataract surgery. A further 76,781 people have also received other sight saving operations.

The Foundation’s CEO, Brian Doolan, says this program continues to grow, with excellent results being achieved despite workers facing difficult security situations and unstable conditions.

"Our work in Pakistan has helped halve the rate of blindness,” says Doolan.

“We have provided assistance to over four million people in Pakistan which has meant kids can return to school, people can go back to work and can be active members of society again.”

In addition to supporting sight restoring procedures, The Foundation has helped train 236 surgeons, 152 clinical staff and more than 4,800 community health workers.

The Foundation has also achieved outstanding results in detecting and treating children for eye disease and poor vision.

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