Dr Sanduk Ruit, a longtime friend and colleague of Fred Hollows, has been hailed for exporting stitch-free eye surgery to the world, at a ceremony in Singapore.

The master surgeon from Nepal received a Brand Leadership Award from CMO Asia for pioneering and promoting sutureless cataract surgery.

“I am glad that people are recognising our work and appreciating it … across the world, Dr Ruit told The Himalayan Times. “Branding something and taking it to the world is something Nepal should be proud of.”

Sutureless cataract surgery was developed by Dr Ruit and his team in 1996. Energetically advocated by Dr Ruit, the technique is now recognised internationally for delivering high volume, low cost eye surgeries to people in developing countries, with quick recovery times.

Dr Ruit is Medical Director of Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Kathmandu.

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