In Indonesia, The Foundation has rolled out its first avoidable blindness campaign in the country's northern Sumatra province.

'Cataract Information Week: What you need to know' is the first training and awareness program of its size in the region.

Working alongside Indonesian partner organisations a total of 1,028 people were trained; primary health care workers, village nurses, health care volunteers and community education workers. 

Workers were trained in the identification of debilitating eye diseases as well as pre- and post-cataract operative care. They will use this training in the upcoming mass eye screening in the region.

The Foundation recently signed an agreement with the Indonesian Government to help eliminate avoidable blindness in the country.

The campaign in northern Sumatra marks a new phase for The Foundation as we expand our work throughout Indonesia, one of our nearest neighbours.

It's estimated 2 million Indonesians are living with cataract blindness—a condition that can be treated with relatively routine eye surgery.

The Foundation plans to expand further to the three provinces of West Nusa Tengara, South Sulawesi and Bengkulu in southern Sumatra.

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